The best computer – changed my mind

Tue 23 Jun 2009

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Umm… believe it or not I’ve changed my mind!  After searching through the ads and shops it is very clear that the only Apple that would meet my requirements will cost over $4500.  Yes it was a Apple MacPro Desktop.  I had sticker shock.  Even the second hand market for the MacPro’s are quite silly – really.  Nonetheless they fitted my requirements perfectly.

I considered some more… Maybe I could live with another MacBook or MacBook Pro and possibly the iMacs.  Hmmm The iMac’s are reasonably priced but I don’t like the all in one design.

iMacs: There’s no space to put in more had drives and I do not like the idea of having to take the whole computer in to be fixed if something goes wrong!  Sure you can get external hardrives but I prefer to be able to have the lot in one case. iMac prices currently  start at $1999 and go to $3699.  I know I’ll want the 24 Inch version and at least the top range for the faster processor.  Afterall I need to run the TV at the same time as programming and all the associated software on a virtualised Windows XP.

The Macbook Pros are good too but the cheapest 13′ former MacBook does not have a proper graphics card so I’ll need the 15-inch version with the 2.66GHz CPU at the very least.  This version is priced at about $3,199.  Honestly I think I’ll need the faster processor so the next one up is $3,699.

The prices are serious money that I’m not willing to part with.  (For an Apple or PC)  I guess that price is the ultimate issue I have.  Performance concerns come next.  Since I already use a decent MacBook I know I can run all that I want but its not the fluid speed I demand.

Apple MacBooks are now priced competitive with their PC counter parts.  Sure their processors are numerically not as fast but the OSX is more efficient and I know that although lower in supposed speed they are just as fast as the supposedly higher rated PC notebooks.  Besides even the fastest processor on a PC notebook is not fast enough for what I need it to do.  It has to be a desktop I think.

I do not need the new main computer to be portable and do not want particularly want another notebook as a main computer.  So I was not happy with the current outcome.

Then I found out about the yet to be released Windows 7 which Microsoft have promised proper XP visualization so all my old software will work.  They say they will also include a anti-virus for free – a bit ironic don’t you think?

Based on the current prices of PCs I could get a seriously fast machine that could do everything for under $2000.

So I’ve decided to hold of until the new OS is released – my perfect computer could well be a new Windows based PC – AGAIN!