Speed and Red Light cameras

Thu 9 Aug 2007

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I only support the installation of these things in areas where there are regular accidents. Regular meaning caused by high speed not in peak hours or some other dubious statistic.

Most importantly though – these cameras MUST be reliable. There as so many reports of faulty and incorrect fines issued the whole thing is nearly a joke.

How can you fine a bus INCAPABLE of reaching 100kph with a 120kph fine? Furthermore not just one bus but lots of buses. This is using the latest point to point speed cameras – absolute farce.

QANTAS Inflight is surly Pt.2

Mon 16 Jul 2007

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Ok, after a recent flight I must admit it really does depend on the plane staff roster you’re on!

So I just sat there and read my book or drafted my project papers and watched.

Out of the 6 flights I had to take all by QANTAS the first 2 where good (All male staff). The 3rd was marginal (All Male), the 4th was marginal (All female), 5th was better (Mixed) the 6th flight (All female) was surly.

So I conclude that its a mixed bag it depends on the staff rather than my comments as per my last post.

Loch Ness Monster

Fri 1 Jun 2007

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One thing that always interests me are mysteries. Mysteries like the Loch Ness monster! You see there is proof that something exists – there various sonar and photos and documentaries proving positive or negative but nothing captured on video or photos of an actual monster.

The latest sighting was captured on home video and can be seen in this news article.

Scotland BBC

It was interesting to note that the report included a tourist aspect of the fabled monster…perhaps it is best not to find out.

I not a believer but having seen many strange things myself would like someone would conclusively prove or disprove the thing.

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