New Australian Government

Sun 25 Nov 2007

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Just a bit of late news but one worth posting for historical reasons. The citizens of Australia have voted and we now have a new Labor government and Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

The previous Liberal Government lasted for 11 years and the Prime Minister John Howard for 11 years too! As a record he will be the second Australian Prime Minister to lose his own seat resulting from the election.

Oh my gosh!

Thu 6 Sep 2007

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A lot of news happened today but the highlight was a the APEC summit held in Sydney Australia!

The best moment was when Kevin Rudd – leader of the opposition spoke in fluent mandarin welcoming the leaders of China. S*** Even funnier was his quip about Pandas to offset the current PM Howard’s Panda jibe. Even better was the mention about the foreign minister’s badly received joke about Pandas. It’s Panda-monium! (Been wanting to say that for ages!)

The second best moment was when the Chaser team, a political satire ‘comedy’ show ‘breached’ the security in Sydney today. Funny only because the level of security is described as the best we’ve got.

Australia owned by a foreign Government

Sun 22 Jul 2007

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I thought this article was pretty good!

I didn’t realise that Singapore companies owned so much of Australia.
More to the point the Singapore government owns so much of Australia.

Good or bad who knows – it’s a bit of a laugh.

Singpore owns Australia

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