New website features

Fri 23 Jan 2009

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If you’ve been following this poorly updated BLOG which clearly not very popular… I’ve got some great news!

It’s been a quiet week and I’ve finally had some time to work on updating the site’s format and updating it to ‘modern’ web standards by using inspiration from other websites.

So after much customization work it’s almost ready to launch some new features. The most important update will the the inclusion of the motorcycle pictures site!  This site does allow for visitors comments and ratings.  Further explanation on how it will all work will be posted very soon!

The Animated Suzuki Hayabusa Wallpaper/Screensaver

Thu 3 Apr 2008

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This is the homepage for the new animated Hayabusa wallpaper/screensaver for your mobile phone. Be nice because I ‘ve spent hours doing it. This is where you can actually download the files read about the history, technicalities and FAQ for the actual program. The files will always be free as per what I always do with this sort of thing for the Hayabusa.

This is one of the only authorized places where you should download the files since they have been virus and spyware checked before uploaded and completely free. I have to add that bit in because as usual, I assume that there will eventually be clones popping up once they’ve hacked it.

Instructions: Right click on your mouse and ‘Save the Link As’ on either links below then transfer the file to your mobile phone. If you don’t know how – just ask the kids.

There are 2 versions of the Animated Hayabusa Wallpaper/Screensaver.

1. Version 1 is for those who have older Nokia Mobile phones (or any other phone that has Flashlite 1.1). As a base, phones with S40 3rd Edition FP1 operating system can run this file without any problems. Note that the phone MUST have a screen size of 240 x 320 pixels!

Nokia phones include: 6234, 6233, 6151, 6133, 6131, 5300, 7390, 7370, 6300, 5300, 7390, 7373 and 8600 Luna.

DOWNLOAD! – Animated Hayabusa wallpaper/screensaver Version 1

2. Version 1a is for those who have the more recent Nokia Mobile phones (or any other phone that has Flashlite 2.0). This version is primarily for phones with the S40 5th Edition operating system. This animated wallpaper has been optimised specifically for the newer phones and operating system. Older Nokia phones will NOT be able to run the file! The main modifications are the larger scrolling specifications page and the use of updated Flash coding. Note that the phone MUST have a screen size of 240 x 320 pixels!

Nokia phones include: 6500 classic, 6500 slide, 3120 Classic, 5610 XpressMusic, 5310 XpressMusic, 7900 Prism, 8800 Arte.

Download removed due to the lack of interest – just email if you really want one!

If you have an older phone there is no reason to try Version 1a because it won’t run. Besides it’s graphics are positioned differently for the newer screens and it won’t look right. That said newer phone will run both versions perfectly BUT it won’t look the way it should, again due to the formating. Both do the same thing and are high quality software (Ie. commercial quality) as usual.