Brilliant Work

Sat 8 Aug 2009

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Something a bit different for you to look at!

Brilliant street art!  I admire Edgar Mueller’s work.  The art critics may not agree but I’m sure you be impressed.

Please visit the site and see for your self.

Threat to privacy and loyalty reward schemes

Sun 14 Jun 2009

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Everyone is concerned about privacy due to the continual rise of identity theft.

Consider this: IF you belong to a store’s ‘loyalty’ program such as the FLYBUYS card (or any other scheme you care to mention) you must be aware that the company now owns your personal details and can imitate you!  Bonanza for any hacker!

Every time you link your purchases with any ‘rewards’ card or any other ‘rewards’ scheme you’re telling them what you’re buying the brands your buying where you live, how much you earn, what you do for a living, where you kids go to school, where you go for holidays even what car you drive and yes the toilet  paper or condom you use.

I find companies having this power unnerving since they DO sell this information to other entities with possibly vague relationships. They won’t disclose this information back to you either unless you actual pay for it!

I want FULL and FREE publicly audited disclosure of who, what, when, justification, how much they paid!  for your personal information. After all these associated companies have their own often vague ‘Privacy Policies’.  There does not appear to be any legislation to protect the consumer in this regard! I want more information on what they do and the current situation is not acceptable.

Their terms and conditions seem to assume you are the criminal! rather and avoiding their real responsibility!  Read any one of their condition and its obvious.

Financial institutions such as banks and other finance companies are so regulated and have they less personal information than these companies so there should be similar regulations if not more – it is only fair!

So until then the answer is don’t sign up to one.

These are not genuine loyalty schemes or rewards it’s about them making for more money and holding your identity as ransom. It is not money for nothing.  Your identity is worth more than a pathetic few frequent flyer points.

I wonder whether the media will pick on this?

BBC news touches on the subject – are they part of the problem? : BBC News

Although not an Government supported site this has an intereting article: Threat or Reward?

Idiots on airlines

Fri 18 Jul 2008

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Having returned from another trip away it again confirms that there are idiots who shouldn’t be allowed to planes. I’m sure anyone who travels often will know what I’m talking about.

I had to sit next to an obnoxious and creepy guy on a plane.  Airline seats seem to be getting smaller but its no excuse.  This guy kept touching me on purpose so he could ‘claim’ the little space I had to sit in.  You know they type arms and legs in my ‘area’.  This idiot was picking his nose and touching himself yuck.  Sure I let him get away with rudeness because I was going to have fun being even more annoying.

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