Wisdom teeth wisdom

Wed 12 Mar 2008

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Wisdom Teeth

I’ve been quiet on the posting front because I’ve had my remaining wisdom teeth removed. Most of you will probably know the drill (pun intended). For those who are yet to experience it – this ‘operation’ can go perfectly or cause issues.

You have probably heard or seen first hand what happens when the operation goes well or when it doesn’t. Regardless the cost of removing the teeth is cheaper than leaving the teeth in and potentially cause more and painful problems.

The operation is quite uneventfully if all goes well and if you don’t get to see the teeth being removed via the latest teeth cam at modern dental offices you’ll at least be able to hear it being ripped from its socket. A few injections (local anesthetic) and the pliers are out and the teeth are gone in most cases. Tricky cases can mean a visit to the hospital and the complete general anesthetic process. All quite painless if the dentist gets the injections right. Takes about 20 minutes for 2 teeth if you’re lucky.

Unfortunately (as I wouldn’t be posting this if it wasn’t) there was a slight complication with the injections so I could not only hear it but feel it. It wasn’t the full effect but I certainly felt it and after pause long enough for a further 2 injections – just to be sure. I was sweating by that stage… Apparently this tooth had more and deeper roots that the others and was too its neighbor. That was the least painful part for your information!

You see only after the anesthetic wears off is when the real pain starts and of course the visible bleeding. The buds you use to clamp down on after the removal is soaked through with red, red blood. Not like the pool of blood flowing from an artery but still looks, smells and tastes bad.

That’s just the start, you’ll then experience what a boxer feels after a big fight. Namely internal bruising and extra sensitivity.

Anyway having a lie down helps but the bleeding won’t stop for at least 2 days. So just keep awake but calm, surfing the internet for news on Britney Spears or political hansard to keep the blood pressure down is advised, and for course the salt rinses.

Don’t bother eating for at least 24 hours unless you like extra flavor with your meal. Think of it as a great start to the diet you’ve been wanting to begin. I lost at least half a kilo or more over 2 days if you need to be convinced! (I’m quite sure teeth don’t weigh that much) Also if you dare check out the bloodied sockets where your wisdom teeth used to be… eeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

Don’t try to brush your teeth either unless you’d like to recreate a scene from any slasher movie you care to name. You need to wait at least 24 hours before considering that task.

If all goes well, by the 3rd day you should be able to at least attempt soft but solid food. I did anyway. Why- because I was hungry! And I was tired of liquids that meant toilet breaks every hour at the least. I went to the nearby McDonalds for lunch because the food is usually soft and gave it a go. I chewed very carefully so not to get food into my exposed, bruised and bloodied jaw bone.

I chewed and chewed and tasted. I took so long the chips had gone fridged and everyone else I was there with began looking around for dinner! I liked the tangy sauce but still failed to taste the meat…I also like KFC’s potato gravy now…

I ate carefully for the next few days and by day 5 noticed that the gums where rebuilding and filling in the missing bits. All was getting better. I still noticed the gaps in my mouth but that’s not all…

Ive been having sinus issues generally, especially after eating breath mints – for a the last few months. Damn public niceties… and I’ve noticed that now the teeth are gone I’m breathing easier too and mints no longer cause sinus headaches – seriously!

So, do I have any advice for those contemplating removing your wisdom teeth removed? Yes get it done. It’s saves you future pain and money. Short term discomfort is always my preferred way of doing things. Also try to get as many out as possible in the one hit, saves having to go back again at a later date. If you don’t think you can handle the diet get only one side done at a time.

(There you go I’ve managed to talk about Britney and hansard in one sentence!)

My fridge broke

Wed 20 Feb 2008

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Westinghouse Fridge
Yesterday was not a good day.  My fridge broke.  We where only together for 3 years.  I bought it new because the old fridge was a bit too small and besides the alcove in the kitchen made it look even smaller.  So the new one was larger and filled out the space.  It wasn’t too expensive but it wasn’t exactly cheap either – just right.  I was also tired of the comments that I needed a bigger fridge!

A service call to the manufacturer wasn’t too painfully and the today the fridge man came and to fix it.  About $200 later and it seems to be working perfectly again.  Apparently it was the CPU of the fridge that had lost it’s mind.  Yes my fridge has a computer.

The problem with the fridge was bascially the freezer had all iced up and hence the fridge part wasn’t getting any cool air.  Being a auto defrost fridge clearly there was something wrong.  Now – after all that everyone tells me that auto-defrost fridges always play up eventually.  Whether this is true or not maybe someone can tell me?

The event also confirmed my and most people’s view that things always break just when the warranty expires!

I recall shopping for a new fridge is not something I or anyone else does too often.  I went to at least a dozen stores to find the right size and the right features.  Yes these days you can get fridges that do all sorts of things, I recall an internet fridge released a few years ago that you could program or dail up, ones which count the number of times you open the door and so forth.  Mine is clearly a mid-range model with only various temperature controls and holiday mode.

Anyway I chose mine for the ever trendy stainless steel finish, blue lights and LCD display.  Afterall its not often you need a new fridge.

The motorcycle link you might ask?  Well, newer doesn’t always mean better or reliable and most things can be fixed by playing around or replacing the computer and finally just because it looks nice doesn’t mean it works any better!

In search of happiness

Thu 5 Jul 2007

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The search for the meaning of life is also the search for happiness? Lots of people have written about it and come to some of conclusion like that anyway. (It’s definitely not 42.) Happiness may mean having all material possessions you desire or maybe to be the richest man on the planet it may also mean seeing the Loch Ness monster or having a loving family. But are the intangible measurements such as love and as economists say ‘utility’ bring about everlasting happiness? Where does religion fit in? Or perhaps something you’ve never considered doing before the key to happiness? Indeed is your personal happiness less important than world happiness? Is the search for happiness a metaphor for progress?

iPhone won’t make you happy

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