OK this site is going to get an upgrade too!

Fri 9 Apr 2010

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Once again I’m experimenting with new features to THIS website!
I have to update the back-end stuff to the website so if bits of it fail you’ll know why!
ETA starting right now! Finishing – ASAP!

About this Site

Mon 12 Feb 2007

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As much as I try to resist writing a long introduction – let’s face it I can’t do it. I’ll try to keep to this short.
I know how everyone has short attention spans these days…

I’ve finally had some spare time on my hands to put this BLOG site together. On occasion I have lots to say about certain things that have no relationship to other websites I like to maintain or Discussion Boards which I contribute to. EDIT – As I very slowly refine the code behind this BLOG I have concluded that this is a much easier way of posting topics on my motorcycle hobby sites.

As much I don’t want to contaminate sites with unrelated stuff its clear that I don’t have the time to constantly update the stuff I’m interested in so from 2008 I will be migrating ALL of my weekly update pages to this site.

That said, in July 2007 my main website went down due to a DNS issue. As a result I figured that I should be keep some information about the status of the site elsewhere in case it happens again. But that does not guarantee that either sites will remain operational either but I guess its better than nothing.

Anyway – remember that there are a number of other BLOGs hosted on this particular site and they are my friends. They are weird and wonderful people who I often do not agree with but accept their opinion and try to understand where their coming from. So I do not expect you to agree with me either.

Why did I call it Mediaocrity AXIOM – simple really no one else had one and it’s sort of cynical meaning and looked good as a title and memorable as a piece of gibberish. Yes – I know a bit shallow but have you ever tried naming something so that it’s unique and at the same time gives meaning to what you’re on about?

So you say why not use the other free BLOGs sites? Because we want to maintain full control over content and uptime. If you recall what Yahoo did a few years ago they wiped out users who had more than one website for no reason except that the site was popular and it was a commercial decision for what ever reason. I do not wish that to happen to my stuff again. They didn’t even consider that some people have lives that do not cross over. It was also one of the the original reasons Yahoo became so popular because there where so many different points of view.  Obviously they upset enough people who no longer recommend them.

I am slowly enabling the various features on the site like comments, voting and the like but it will probably take some time to install and the get the whole site working properly.

BTW the site uses WordPress as the ‘engine’ which I have been customising so it looks just like the main website.

Email Contact

Mon 12 Feb 2007

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If you really want to contact me here’s the email address:  Email Peter