Motorcycle Pictures

Information about this motorcycle pictures gallery site.

Welcome to the  new Peter’s Motorcycle pictures site. (This is now the 5th move.) Since starting my Hayabusa site and now BLOG I have steadily received a heap of Suzuki Hayabusa and other motorcycle pictures from other owners around the world and as a result created a gallery site!

This will be the official site for the pictures site from March 2009 onwards.

If you want your picture on the site please send them in!

Email Peter some pictures

The picture galleries are usually updated during the first week of every month.

The picture galleries and the POTM are updated or awarded each month to selected visitors picture – if anyone has sent in any that is!  See links for further information on how the POTM it is determined.

For various mainly technical reasons (bandwidth limitations, restrictive free image web hosts, limited website scripting and so forth) the web site had to move again and this is the latest move for 2009.  I’m sure you’ll agree that the new site is much more interactive than past websites with much more stuff to read and see.

I have also found a old backup of the website and will be posting old pictures from nearly 10 years of running the website.  I do have backups of old emails BUT they no longer have the pictures attached to them for some reason.

Anyway – Lots of people are customizing their bikes and some with lots of modifications that simply make ownership more satisfying.  Nothing beats knowing that your bike is unique and pleasing to the eye. I think it all went mainstream when fluffy dice were made for sale !  Besides thousands of visitors actually enjoy seeing all the pictures!

The pictures presented are a great way of planning you own enhancements for your bike regardless of whether its a Hayabusa or not.  Draw inspiration from others and then add your own personal touches  then send them in.  You could be immortalized as the (POTM) Picture Of the Month Winner!

What type of pictures can you send in?

Anything you want just as long as it’s your own picture!

Copyright of the pictures are held by you/the person who took the photo/picture or image.

I blank out number plates and clean up images and resize them to a web friendly size so nothing for you to worry about!

If you want personalised and galleries you can upload your self I recommend using Facebook or MySpace even Bebo.