Hayabusa Gallery 14

Set 1 : Agostino sent in his 232HP Hayabusa with more than 150HP coming with stage 2 NOS.  Another lovely bike!

Set 2 : This is John’s Hayabusa all the way from Cyprus. Some great mods on this bike – Lovely!

Set 3 : This is P Vogel’s Hayabusa with a set of 2 Bros exhausts all the way fro SA!  Sure most choose Yoshi’s but the 2 Bros look just as good.  I like the end caps.

Set 4 : This is A Rex’s Hayabusa from SA. It started off as a red one and turned into the flame version like his helmet as you can see.  He’s sold it now and onto another project but regardless nice job.

Set 5 : This is Ashley’s extended 07 Hayabusa with an adjustable rear arm set at 12 inches.  All black looks great don’t you think?  I think so!

Set 6 : This is Peter P’s new 2008 Hayabusa from Australia.  It’s also the first one I received so it gets joint POTM for December 2007!

Set 7 : This is Stewart’s Hayabusa he’s done more modifications based on the last pic’s on gallery 13.  Seeing the mods progress on a bike is something I never tire of.  Keep up the good work!

Modifications so far include: UFO under-tail and hugger, 2 brothers pipes, 200 section rear end chrome vents, screen and wheels, custom mono seat and bar ends!

Set 8 : This is one of my pictures of the new 2nd generation Hayabusa at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show.