Hayabusa Gallery 7

Set 1 : Eskil Sjøli -A very well equipped Busa for a decent holiday and worthy winner for POTM September 2002.

Set 2 : Badboylimpin – As his message reads ‘US Army’s Speedy Assault Vechicles The paratroopers are Bobby on the Black, Al on the Blue, Brad on the Silver’ – Nice looking shots and worthy winner of POTM January 2003.

Set 3 : Will’s bike is the winner of POTM April 2003.  Pretty unique.  Lots of pics but due to bandwidth just these two for now.

Set 4 : Shueyb Petal – Sent in this great set of pics !

Set 5 : Benny – Excellent action photo sent in by Benny from Palermo Italy and worthy POTM winner March 2003.

Set 6 : JAudy Soekander sent in pics of his bike – Now this is an alien looking mod, stands out completely, unique.  Worthy joint winner of POTM July 2003.

Set 7 : Rhythm’s Busa II this time with a stereo system to match the name!  Excellent mod really close runner up for September’s 05 award.

Set 8 : Gisin – Sent in many years ago but finally recovered this picture. Lovely bike, background and guy all in one!