The Picture Of The Month Award (POTM)

To see current and past winners and for voting /online polls and comments CLICK here!

If you want your bike to be considered for the POTM please send some pictures in!
(AND yes I BLANK out number plates and registration details by default.)

I have receive quite a few pictures in the past and many of them really great stuff you won’t find in one place.  Like me they have discovered that the various free hosts aren’t all that great so they send them here!

POTM winners can now be ANY motorcycle model not restricted to the Hayabusa!

Some of the pictures sent to me in the past are truly excellent and deserved promotion on ALL the pages on the website rather than be stuck in a gallery so I put up the POTM award for any picture sent in!

If you think you have the best performing or looking motorcycle out there
send it in : Email Peter some pictures

The criteria for the POTM award is simple :

– A good location and angle (artistic elements including owner pose!).
– Standout integration of modifications.
– Unique modification.
– Judged against those received in the appropriate month.
– New model color scheme not previously sent in.

Who decides (for now) the POTM? :

Me! (AND IF everything works out with this new site a public voting system!)
Goldfish have departed (2008)
Neons have departed (2006)
It is usually  made on the day of the update.
Not all the pictures make to the public galleries.

What’s the prize for winning the POTM? :

The only prize on offer is that every visitor to this site will know that YOU have the bike that is appreciated all over the world!

If I do get a sponsor I will certainly offer more!