Submit Pictures

Here’s all you need to know about sending in your pictures to be displayed on this site!
(Currently it’s only via Email but I’m working making it via this web browser.)

Email Peter some pictures

Pls send images that are at least 800 x 600 pixels in size. You don’t have to compress them as I do it for you before posting on the site. This is so that I can ensure viewing quality – Thank You !  (I also blank out number plates by default.)

I do not include email in any submissions for privacy reasons.

*To keep space and bandwidth usage down only the highest quality pictures will be kept on an on-going basis.
*Some larger images sent have been reduced in size but the quality of the images are preserved as much as technically possible.
*Not all images sent in will be posted.
*If you see  any of these pics on sale board eg. Ebay etc.. be weary that it may not actually be the bike you’re buying.  See it in the flesh before making any decision.
*Ads are used to support bandwidth costs and often match the parts you are looking for.

Copyright of the pictures are held by their respective owners.

Your contact details are not disclosed to anyone unless you tell me otherwise.

If you want to use them you should contact the relevant owner.
( I will forward the request on if still contactable.)
It is inevitable that some ownership cannot be verified because I can’t check everything !
If there is a problem pls email me to verify ownership and I shall have them removed or re-credited.
If you don’t want them here anymore please also email me to have them removed.