Nissan Leaf Vs MG4 Electric Comparison

Nissan Leaf
Nissan Leaf

MG4 Electric
ME4 Electric XPower

This is Nissan Leaf Vs MG4 Electric comparison for 2024. One of the pioneers of the electric car is the Nissan Leaf, going on sale to the public back in 2009. Despite being the first, this is the second generation of the Leaf and unfortunately last for this badge. In comparison the MG4 Electric is new but based on an existing model. They are direct competitors due to price, size and certainly styling.

Nissan Leaf Vs MG4 Electric exterior comparison: Both look like older designs due to sharper panel creases. It’s not a bad thing it’s just that the latest styling trends follow the minimalist lines which are ‘newer’ nut also more boring to look at. Just like age really, the more wrinkles have the older you look. While we like both designs we wouldn’t be buying either for their exterior looks.

Nissan Leaf Vs MG4 Electric interior comparison: Both interiors reflect their exterior styling. Starting off with the Nissan, it’s design is based on any regular hatchback, namely the Pulsar as an example. However it is a dated design but good enough. In comparison the MG4 uses the same sort of design language but a little more modern, probably because it doesn’t have a instrument binnacle. Both are good enough places to be in but both feel entry level. These are smallish  hatchback designs with enough space to be comfortable but not much more.

Nissan Leaf Vs MG4 Electric engine and technology comparison: Both vehicles have plenty of tech but the MG4 has a high power motor that gives it super car straight line performance for a relatively short period of time.  That is because neither have the latest motor tech. Regardless both are great commuters. The MG4’s remote functions are subscription based hence as far as we are concerned loses point in the tech part of the comparison. The App is called i-Smart aka i-Smarter the You – ‘I get more money off you’ for functions that should be standard. The MG4 is also missing proper pedal driving in most models unlike the Nissan Leaf.

Nissan Leaf Vs MG4 Electric drive report and Street Cred: As an electric car pioneer the Nissan Leaf does have some brand recognition but thanks to terrible management has lost any sort of lead or good will it had. The MG4 is still building on theirs and the variable pricing and subscription does annoy greatly.

The conclusion and winner of the Nissan Leaf Vs MG4 Electric comparison is neither. While the MG4 pricing is impressive for the start of 2024, it’s long history of variable pricing is not ideal and its subscription for remote and other functions is not praise worthy. That said if the functions on subscription tier where the pointless or not necessary then it would probably win. In comparison, the Nissan Leaf is a refined electric car but it is expensive compared to the MG4 even taking into account the subscription for MG4. The cost of MG subscription fee, last search was $50 per year and possibly increasing.

Nissan Leaf MG4 Electric + XPower
Single Motor FWD
Standard Range
Power 110 Kw Torque 320 Nm
Long Range
Power 160 Kw Torque 340 Nm
Single Motor FWD
1  – 125 Kw 250 Nm
2 – 150 Kw 250 Nm
3 – 180 Kw 350 Nm
Dual Motor AWD
1  – 150 + 170 Kw or 300 Kw Combined
2 – 250 + 300 Nm
From Approx Kerb weight 1594 – 1709 kg
Towing capacity up to xxxx kg
From Approx Kerb weight 1800 kg
Towing capacity up to xxxx kg
Fuel capacity & consumption
Single motor
Battery size 39 kWh
Claimed range 270 Km (WLTP)
Battery size 59 kWh
Claimed range 385 Km (WLTP)
Single motor
1 – Battery size 51 kWh
Claimed range 350 Km (WLTP)
2 – Battery size 64 kWh
Claimed range 435 Km (WLTP)
3 – Battery size 77 kWh
Claimed range 530 Km (WLTP)X Power (Dual motor)
Battery size 64 kWh
Claimed range 400 Km (WLTP)
Other specifications
1 Speed
Overall height/width 1545/1788
Overall length/wheelbase 4490/2700
4WD system: FWD
ANCAP Safety: 5/5
1 Speed
Overall height/width 1516/1836
Overall length/wheelbase 4287/2705
4WD system: FWD or AWD
ANCAP Safety: ?/5
Angle of: (degrees)
Approach xx Departure xx Breakover xx
Ground clearance (unloaded) xxx mm
Water Fording depth xxmm Max
Angle of: (degrees)
Approach xx Departure xx Breakover xx
Ground clearance (unloaded) xxx mm
Water Fording depth xxmm Max
Single electric motor
0-100kph 7.9 Secs
Long Range
0-100kph 6.9 Secs
Single electric motor
0-100kph 6.5 – 7.7  Secs
XPower Dual electric motor
0-100kph 3.8 Secs
2024 $50,990 – 61,490 AUD 2024 $39,990 – 59,990 AUD
*Specs change due to model grade and configuration. Always check with the dealer for up to date pricing, specifications, on-road costs, accessories and specials etc.. everything as usual is subject to change!