Here is a comparison between the 2010 Mitsubishi ASX and the Suzuki SX4 Liana. We are comparing the specifications here because they are very similar in concept. SX4 vs ASX specification comparison and review below. Our drive report can be found else where on the site.

The new 2010 Mitsubishi ASX is our favorite model in this class of cars. The only thing that it needs is a bit of exterior work to look smarter as opposed to conservative, apart from the front end of course. The engines also need a bit or work but that will come in time.

The Suzuki SX4 has been around since 2006 but updated in 2010 and while not a huge seller it is a car that has been largely overlooked. Personally we think its price and equipment needs to be improved along with a more powerful engine.The exterior of the Suzuki SX4 is nice for the ‘hatchback’ or wagon. The design is conservative enough to do quite cool things with the design for example the 2012 Subaru XV. The sedan version looks a bit out of proportion in a similar way to the 2010 Subaru Imprezza which is a pity. However in the end we prefer the SX4 overall in this regard.

The interior of the SX4 is one of the main issues with the car. While acceptable for a small car in 2006 it just doesn’t feel good for 2010. It does have shared components with other Suzuki models which don’t look out of place and it does have good quality materials but the design just needs a bit of work. They should really redesign it based on the bigger Kizashi. That said the SX4 feels better than the Dualis despite the older design. The Mitsubishi ASX is a much nice place to be in than both the others.

The SX4 (and ASX) also comes in 2WD only models or an on demand 4WD system and by all accounts works quite well. The engine is the familiar J20 series and the introduction of the new CVT engine has helped things along. The SX4 is relatively light and quite zippy.

In the end the older SX4 needs a stronger selling point and we think it is more equipment and an updated interior presentation or perhaps more publicity. Nonetheless the price is a relative bargain when there are specials on and as a package its pretty good. Without that specials on the SX4 the Mitsubishi ASX is our choice.

Suzuki SX4 Mitsubishi ASX

IL 4 Cylinder (J20B)
2.0 Litre (1995cc) petrol (91 Octane)
DOHC 16 valve EFI
Claimed 112Kw @ 6200RPM
Claimed 190Nm @ 4000RPM

4 Cylinder (4B11)
2.0 Litre (1998cc) petrol (91 Octane)
Claimed 110Kw @ 6000RPM
Claimed 197Nm @ 4200RPM

4 Cylinder (4N13)
1.8 Litre (1798cc) diesel
Turbo intercooled
Common rail direct injection
Claimed 110Kw @ 4000RPM
Claimed 300Nm @ 2000RPM


kerb weight 1245Kg
Towing capacity up to 1200kg

Kerb weight 1340 – 1525 Kg
Towing capacity up to 1050kg

Fuel capacity & consumption  

Up to 45 litres
IL4 Petrol 8 Lts per 100km AVG (Auto)

Up to 60 – 63 litres
IL4 2.0 Petrol 7.7 litres per 100km
IL4 1.8 Diesel 5.9 litres per 100km

Other specifications  

6 speed manual or CVT Auto
Overall height/width 1605/1755
Overall length/wheelbase 4135/2500
4WD system: 2WD or on-demand AWD
ANCAP Safety: 4/5
Tyre size: 205-60-16

5 speed manual or CVT Auto
Overall height/width 1615/1770
Overall length/Wheelbase 4295/2690
4WD system: FWD or AWD 
ANCAP Safety: 5/5
Tyre size: 215-60-17


Angle of: (degrees)
Approach xx Departure xx Breakover xx
Ground clearance (unloaded) 185mm
Water Fording depth xxmm Max

Angle of: (degrees)
Approach xx Departure xx Breakover xx
Ground clearance (unloaded) xxxmm
Water Fording depth xxmm Max




2012 $18,990 (FWD only)
2012 $21,990 (AWD only)
2010 $23,990 – 27,690 AUD (AWD version)
*Always check with the dealer for up to date pricing, specifications, on-road costs, accessories and specials etc.. everything as usual is subject to change!

2010 $25,990 – 36,990 AUD (Standard)