Nissan Navara
Holden Colorado

Welcome to the Nissan Navara vs 2013  Holden Colorado comparison.  The all new Holden Colorado has just been released in the country (June 2012) so we put up a quick specification comparison between the two models.  We are yet to drive three of the latest releases in 2012 namely the all new Ford Ranger and Mazda BT-50 and now this ute but like everyone interested to see what they compare like on paper.

Here is the comparison of the key specifications of the Navara and Colorado for the time being and will update the page as we get more details. We think that the Navara is a pretty large SUV/ute but the new Colorado is generally bigger. The extra size of the Colorado may be a disadvantage in many parts of the world including here but since we haven’t driven it yet can’t confirm anything.

So far everything looks good except for the 5 speed manual transmission which shows only reasonable development by General Motors. The low rent interior is a surprise given that the Colorado is an all new model. Other reviews are surprisingly honest in saying the the new Colorado still needs a bit more work to be competitive. When we checked it out at the dealer we agree too!

Nissan Navara
Holden Colorado

V6 Diesel 
DOHC Turbo charged with intercooler
Direct injection
3.0 Litre (2993cc)
Claimed 170Kw @ 3750RPM
Claimed 550Nm @ 1750RPM

YD25 (Modified May 2010)
IL4 DOHC Diesel
Turbo-charged – Intercooler
Direct Injection – Common Rail
2.5 Litre (2488cc)
Claimed 140Kw @ 4000 RPM (April 2012)
Claimed 450Nm @ 2000 RPM  (April 2012)
Claimed 126Kw @ 4000 RPM (May 2010)
Claimed 403Nm @ 2000 RPM  (May 2010)

VQ40 (some countries)
V6 Petrol 
4 Litre (3954cc)
Claimed 198Kw @ 5600 RPM
Claimed 385Nm @ 4000 RPM

2.8 Litre (2776cc) Diesel
Turbo charged with intercooler
Claimed 132Kw @ 3800 RPM
Claimed 470Nm @ 2000 RPM

2.8 Litre (2776cc) Diesel
Turbo charged with intercooler
Claimed 132Kw @ 3800 RPM
Claimed 440Nm @ 2000 RPM


1940 – 2001Kg
Towing capacity up to 3000kg

Kerb weight: FROM 1805Kg
Towing capacity up to 3500kg

Fuel capacity & consumption  
Up to 80 litres
V6 Petrol 13.6-14 lts per 100km
YD25 Diesel 10.5 lts per 100km 
V9X Diesel 9.3 lts per 100km

Up to 76 litres
Diesel 9.3 lts per 100km (Auto)

Other specifications  
5 speed or 7 speed Auto or 6 speed manual
Overall height/width 1795/1848
Overall length/Wheelbase 5296/3200
Tray L1511mm x W1485mm x D457mm
Total payload capability 820kg (Approx)
ANCAP safety rating 4/5

6 speed Auto or 5 speed manual
Overall height/width 1780/1882
Overall length/wheelbase 5347/3096
Tray L1484 x W1534 x D481 mm
Total payload capability 1000kg (Approx)
NCAP safety rating 4/5
Tyre size: 255-65-17

Angle of: (degrees) 
Approach 29-32 Departure 22-27.5 Breakover N/A
Minimum ground clearance 205-217mm
Water Fording depth N/A
4WD system: Part time 4WD High & Low range

Angle of: (degrees) 
Approach xx Departure xx Breakover xx
Minimum ground clearance xxx mm
Water Fording depth xxx mm Max
4WD system: Part-time 4×4

2012 $34,990 – 62,990 AUD 
*Always check with the dealer for up to date pricing and specials accessories etc…
2012 $42,990 – 51,990 AUD *4×4 cew-cab
2012 $40,490 – 49,490 AUD *4×4 space-cab 
2012 $34,990 – 37,990 AUD *4×4 single-cab