Hi and thanks for visiting our newly updated 2012 BLOG website for the car comparisons and reviews. This is a website just for a group of us to play with and if you’ve found it – great!

It started off as Peter’s Toyota Land Cruiser Prado review – but as he got bored we decided to contribute our time to the website. We use it as our way of comparing what we think about the various cars we’ve been driving either at the shows, promo, business, rentals and our own of course. Aside from that it is also a way to offering our own opinions on various cars to people who ask us in real life. Only one of use works in the automotive industry, the rest of us Ben, Eric, Dan and partners who are now studying journalism have other careers.

Do not forget that any other website you search for automotive reviews or comparisons is also opinion based. You see over the years we also read reviews that were simply opposite of what we thought the car deserved. Only to find out that years later the same site agrees with what we worked out in the first place. On that note we do try to be as accurate as possible but typos and misunderstandings do happen so we try to fix them as quickly as possible.

Essentially you have to make up our mind on whether the car will suit you – after they and us don’t really know anything about you. One last thing, this is a genuine website with original content and without any sort of commercial interest or direction. Much more interesting reading than the copied content (multiple times) that you see around the internet.

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