2011 Great Wall Motors X200 and X240
2012 Great Wall Motors X200 and X240

Here is our quick review of the Great Wall Motors X200 (released in 2011) which in turn is the diesel version of the X240 (released a number of years ago). The 2012 Great Wall Motors X200 and X240 is a small SUV designed to compete with the various small Japanese manufacturers. The company is selling based on price and equipment levels rather than brand or technology. 

The 2012 Great Wall Motors X series is a genuine attempt at making a small to medium 4wd. However the current series does not use state of the art technology to achieve it. In fact its engines and basic design is based on old Mitsubishi technology and engines but also on their utes. We haven’t had the chance to drive the latest version so can’t comment although our last drive in the X240 was memorable for the lack of performance, quality  and refinement. However the in-car experience quality has improved on the older model. It is not up to the standard of say the oldest 4WD designs like the current ute based Mitsubishi Challenger or even the previous generation of the Honda CRV but it is catching up slowly. 

The X200 is the diesel version of the X240 and more expensive yet the equipment levels you can see have barely changed. Anyone considering paying the difference in price for the diesel vs the petrol really need to do their sums first as with anyone contemplating purchasing a diesel for any other manufacturer. Overall reliability is still unknown but at this point – so you have every chance of getting a bad one or a good one. It’s your money and your life.

Note: cheap usually means cheap and besides safety issues such as airbags that don’t actually work there is now an asbestos problem with these cars.


2010 Great Wall Motors X200 and X240 2012 Great Wall Motors X200 and X240

4G69S IL 4 Cylinder petrol
2.4 Litre (2378cc)
Claimed 100Kw @ 5250RPM
Claimed 200Nm @ 2500RPM

GW40D IL4 Diesel
4 cylinder turbo charged inter-cooled
2.0 Litre (1996cc)
Claimed 105Kw @ 4000 RPM
Claimed 310Nm @ 1800 RPM 



Towing capacity up to 1700kg


Fuel capacity & consumption  

Up to 70 litres
GW40D Diesel 9.2Lts per 100km AVG
4G69S Petrol 10.3Lts per 100km AVG


Other specifications  

5 speed manual or automatic
Overall height/width 1735/1810
Overall length/wheelbase 4649/2700
4WD system: Selectable AWD
ANCAP Safety: 4/5
Tyre size: 235-65-17



Angle of: (degrees)
Approach ??? Departure ??? Breakover ???
4WD system: 2WD or 4WD with selectable modes
Minimum ground clearance xxxmm



2012 Diesel $26,990 – 28,990 AUD
2012 Petrol $23,990 AUD
*Always check with the dealer 
for up to date pricing, on-roads 
and specials accessories etc…