Honda HR-V Vs Mazda CX-3 Comparison

Honda HR-V
Honda HR-V

Mazda CX-3
Mazda CX-3

This is Honda HR-V Vs Mazda CX-3 comparison for 2022. The CX-3 was released way back in 2015 along with the Mazda2. CX-3 sales are still doing good sales all things considered but declining sales in most parts of the world. We’ve always liked the CX-3 since its’s release due to pricing and features but it always been on the small side. In comparison the new HRV has not peaked our interest due to to being expensive. So how to the two compare?

Honda HR-V Vs Mazda CX-3 exterior comparison: Taking into account development time the CX-3 design may be 10 years old but it still looks great. It is a familiar shape by now but it doesn’t look old. In comparison the new HRV looks like to has been around or a few years. It truly reminders us of the Mitsubishi Lancer lift back – just alit more refined.

Honda HR-V Vs Mazda CX-3 interior comparison: The CX-3 looks like a bigger SUV on the outside than it is on the inside which feels just as small as the donor Mazda2. Sure it can fit larger people but it simply not as spacious. The interior design like it’s exterior may be quite old but it still looks throughly up to date. In comparison the HRV is spacious, modern minimalist design look. We like it for the presentation which is a contrast to CX-3. ¬†Ignoring space the CX-3 looks more youthful than the HRV but feels just as good to be in dependent on model grade.

Honda HR-V Vs Mazda CX-3 drive report : N/A

The conclusion and winner of the Honda HR-V Vs Mazda CX-3 comparison is the CX-3. 2022 has seen huge prices rises due to the lockdowns and will continue to rise until as they say, supply chains normalise. The CX-3 prices rises haven’t been as dramatic as the HRV and for that reason the CX-3 is the winner. The spec of the top range CX-3 exceeds the equilivent HRV is a perfect example. The top range HRV may have a hybrid engine but the CX-3 fuel consumption is not that far behind considering it’s not a turbo. and it’s cheaper.

2023 Honda HR-V Mitsubishi ASX
4 Cylinder – Petrol
1.5 Litre (1498cc)
Claimed 89Kw @ 6600RPM
Claimed 145Nm @ 4300RPM
IL4 Cylinder Petrol
2.0 Litre (1998cc)
Claimed 109Kw @ 6000RPM
Claimed 192Nm @ 2800RPM
4 Cylinder – Petrol – Hybrid
1.5 Litre (1498cc)
Claimed 96Kw @ 4000RPM
Claimed 253Nm @ 0 RPM
IL4 cylinder Diesel
1.5 Litre (1499cc)
Turbo-charged – DI – CR
Claimed 77kW @ 4000RPM
Claimed 270Nm @ 1600
Kerb weight FROM 1267Kg
Towing capacity – None
From Approx Kerb weight 1200 Kg
Towing capacity up to 1200kg
Fuel capacity & consumption
Up to 45 litres
IL4 1.5 Petrol 4.3 litres per 100km
IL4 1.5 Petrol Hybrid 5.8 litres per 100km
Up to 44 litres
2.0 litre Petrol: 6.7 litres per 100km
1.5 Litre Diesel: 5.1 litres per 100km
Other specifications
CVT Auto
Overall height/width 1590/1790
Overall length/wheelbase 4335/2610
4WD system: None
ANCAP Safety: x/x
6 speed Auto or 6 speed manual
Overall height/width 1550/1765
Overall length/wheelbase 4275/2570
Drive system: On demand AWD or 2WD
Tyre size: 215-50-18 215-60-16
NCAP safety rating 5/5
Angle of: (degrees)
Approach xx Departure xx Breakover xx
Ground clearance (unloaded) 195 mm
Water Fording depth xxmm Max
Angle of: (degrees)
Approach xx Departure xx Breakover xx
Ground clearance (unloaded) 180 mm
Water Fording depth xxmm Max
2023 $36,990 – 45,000 AUD
2021 $26,990 – 41,000 AUD
2020 $24,990 – 34,590 AUD
2017 $24,990 – 33,340 AUD
2022 $25,390 – 37,190 AUD
2020 $24,650 – 38,450 AUD
2019 $21,790 – 37,290 AUD
2017 $20,500 – 37,490 AUD
*Specs change due to model grade and configuration. Always check with the dealer for up to date pricing, specifications, on-road costs, accessories and specials etc.. everything as usual is subject to change!