Honda HR-V Vs Subaru XV Crosstrek Comparison

Honda HR-V
Honda HR-V

Subaru XV
Subaru XV

This is Honda HR-V Vs Subaru XV Crosstrek comparison for 2022. Based on price alone the Honda HR-V has crossed into larger mid-range by AU standards SUV class but without the required size increase. Typically most regard the XV model as a class above where the HRV used to sell and the class below the CRV and CX.5 models. In reality the XV is a high rise hatchback in the similar to the Mazda3 in size. Due to the HRV price increases it now competes against any Subaru VX model grade. SO how do they compare.

Honda HR-V Vs Subaru XV Crosstrek exterior comparison: The HRV may be a all new model but it looks like its been around for a few years. It’s conservative will little styling to convince anyone that it’s worth the asking price. The Subaru XV may actually be around for quite a few years but looks just as new as the HRV which doesn’t mean the Subaru designer has done a decent job. It means Honda has dropped the styling ball.

Honda HR-V Vs Subaru XV Crosstrek interior comparison: Quite contrasting interior styling here. The minimalist HRV styling is actually quite nice and we like the zen and retro elements but not close to feeling premium. It does feel more spacious than the XV despite being a little smaller. In comparison the XV interior is very dark but has quality materials and design that lifts it beyond it’s price tag on first glance. We think many more people will be convinced but the XV chunky yet modern interior design.

Honda HR-V Vs Subaru XV Crosstrek drive report : N/A

Honda HR-V Vs Subaru XV Crosstrek engines and tech comparison: The XV has AWD as standard, plenty of safety systems but carry over engines. In fact the same engines are used in all Subaru models which would be great but they are known for relatively poor fuel consumption and average performance. In comparison the HRV has the carry over 1.5 litre which became underpowered due to the heavier weight and a decent modern Hybrid engine. Now in defence of both models we know that the world is not making any brand new petrol or diesel engines. It’s hybrid and electric only in the next decade.

The conclusion and winner of the Honda HR-V Vs Subaru XV Crosstrek is clearly the XV. However it is conditional on ignoring the XV flaws. We like the XV as it justifies it’s price tag easily in terms of equipment and presentation. It’s not the complete package though. Call us living in pre-pandemic times but the HRV is overpriced for what it is.

2023 Honda HR-V Subaru XV Crosstrek
4 Cylinder – Petrol
1.5 Litre (1498cc)
Claimed 89Kw @ 6600RPM
Claimed 145Nm @ 4300RPM
F4 Cylinder Petrol
DOHC Boxer Engine EFI VVT
2.0 Litre (1995cc)
Claimed 115Kw @ 6000RPM
Claimed 196Nm @ 4000RPM
4 Cylinder – Petrol – Hybrid
1.5 Litre (1498cc)
Claimed 96Kw @ 4000RPM
Claimed 253Nm @ 0 RPM
F4 Cylinder Hybrid Petrol
DOHC Boxer Engine EFI VVT
2.0 Litre (1995cc)
Claimed 115Kw @ 6000RPM
Claimed 196Nm @ 4000RPM
12.3 Kw + 66Nm electric motor
Kerb weight FROM 1267Kg
Towing capacity – None
Kerb weight FROM 1390Kg
Towing capacity up to 1400kg
Fuel capacity & consumption
Up to 45 litres
IL4 1.5 Petrol 4.3 litres per 100km
IL4 1.5 Petrol Hybrid 5.8 litres per 100km
Up to 48-63 litres
F4 Petrol 7 Lts per 100km AVG
F4 Hybrid Petrol 6.5 Lts per 100km AVG
Other specifications Other specifications
CVT Auto
Overall height/width 1590/1790
Overall length/wheelbase 4335/2610
4WD system: None
ANCAP Safety: x/x
6 speed manual or CVT Auto
Overall Height/width 1615/1780
Overall Length/wheelbase 4450/2635
4WD system: AWD
ANCAP Safety: 5/5
Angle of: (degrees)
Approach xx Departure xx Breakover xx
Ground clearance (unloaded) 195 mm
Water Fording depth xxmm Max
Angle of: (degrees)
Approach xx Departure xx Breakover xx
Minimum ground clearance xxxmm
Water Fording depth xxmm Max
2023 $36,990 – 45,000 AUD
2021 $26,990 – 41,000 AUD
2020 $24,990 – 34,590 AUD
2017 $24,990 – 33,340 AUD
2021 $29,690 – 40,790 AUD
2020 $29,240 – 36,530 AUD
2018 $32,327 – 39,796 AUD
2012 $28,490 – 35,490 AUD
*Specs change due to model grade and configuration. Always check with the dealer for up to date pricing, specifications, on-road costs, accessories and specials etc.. everything as usual is subject to change!