Jeep Grand Cherokee Vs Toyota Kluger Comparison

Jeep Grand Cherokee
VS 2012_kluger_1
Toyota Kluger

Here is a comparison between the Jeep Grand Cherokee and the  Toyota Kluger. Although an all new 2014 Kluger is on the way we thought it would be nice to compare the runout model with the current Grand Cherokee which is just hitting its stride in the market and now one of the best packages on sale in 2013. 

As we’ve said before we like the current Kluger it is a great package it’s only flaw apart from age is that the current model is that it has too much shiney stuff which causes it to age even more. It is one of the few V6 medium sized SUVs still available and regardless of engine type is one of the best including in fuel efficiency. We’ve driven a few over the years too! The Grand Cherokee has been around for a few years not and when we finally drove came away impressed.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Vs Toyota Kluger exterior: Easy win to the Jeep Grand Cherokee, it looks solid and upmarket compared to the Toyota. Quality control can be seen and we couldn’t fault it as in Jeeps of the past. The Kluger is a typical Toyota, nothing out of place and again we couldn’t fault the build quality only its design was no longer to our taste.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Vs Toyota Kluger interior: The interior design of the Grand Cherokee is an amazing step up for Jeep. The design and choice of materials is clearly up market! The only problem with the Jeeps’s interior is the way some parts fit together. Basically some parts where peeling off and some trim did not line up very well. Build quality needs to improve since everything else is more than acceptable. The Kluger looks old and thin compared to the Grand Cherokee. The Kluger’s quality of materials is not as good but it is so well put together nothing was out of place! So the Cherokee wins for design and materials but not for build quality. The key selling points on the Grand Cherokee is the impressive LCD analogue instrument panel which simply way more upmarket than the Kluger.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Vs Toyota Kluger engine and technology: The Grand Cherokee comes with a decent V6 or V8 petrol or high powered diesel. We’d pick the diesel for the fuel saving despite higher purchase price since its quite a powerhouse – however for a diesel it is relatively uneconomical! The Kluger’s petrol is very good too which is why it only sells the V6 petrol, which is surpisingly economical for a 6 cylinder engine! The Kluger’s engine is a reliable unit and will go for years whereas the latest diesel engines regardless of make are yet to be proven to last over time – we simply know of too many problems. That said we are not fussed with either…

Jeep Grand Cherokee Vs Toyota Kluger road test: Driving the Kluger or Grand Cherokee is best described as reassuringly boring. The Kluger feels like atypical Toyota while the Jeep was something different. The Grand Cherokee feels suitably powered in diesel form and I would suspect only adequate in the smaller V6 petrol. The diesel is relatively quiet and less so than the Prado as an example. Regardless it is quiet and rides really well.  Maybe it was the up spec steering wheel softer seats but overall the Jeep is the better car to drive and to sit in. It was only a short test drive…

The conclusion to this comparison is clear – it an easy win to the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The Jeep is priced very well for an American car here. There is tons of equipment and it looks and feels more expensive than it should. The only thing that prevented us from buying one was the history of any Jeep’s reliability and also seeing the neighbor down the road with their prior Cherokee being ‘fixed’ more often than it should – which they finally off loaded doesn’t help. That said this may be the model that banishes those issues. So in the end, for known reliability go for the Kluger but for the better package choose the Grand Cherokee – can’t believe we wrote that!

Jeep Grand Cherokee Toyota Kluger
2012_grandcherokee_2 2012_kluger_2

G series Pentastar
V6 Petrol 
3.5 Litre (3604cc)
Claimed 210Kw @ 6350PM
Claimed 347Nm @ 4300PM

Hemi series
V8 Petrol 
5.7 Litre (5654cc)
Claimed 259Kw @ 5200PM
Claimed 520Nm @ 4300RPM

CRD RA Series
V6 Diesel
Direct Injection – Common Rail – Turbo
3 Litre (2987cc)
Claimed 177Kw @ 4000RPM
Claimed 550Nm @ 1800RPM

V6 Petrol 
3.5 Litre (3456cc)
Claimed 201Kw @ 6200RPM
Claimed 337Nm @ 4700RPM

IL4 Cylinder Petrol
2.7 Litre (2694cc)
Claimed 118Kw @ 5200RPM
Claimed 241Nm @ 3800RPM


From 2191Kg
Towing capacity up to 3500kg (V6 diesel & V8 only)

Kerb weight 1840-2030Kg
Towing capacity up to 2000kg

Fuel capacity & consumption  

94 litres (95 octane PULP only)
V6 Petrol 11.4 litres per 100km
V8 Petrol 14.1 litres per 100km
v6 Diesel 8.3 litres per 100km

72 litres
V6 Petrol 11.6 litres per 100km

Other specifications  

5 speed Auto 
Overall height/width 1781/1943
Overall length/wheelbase 4822/2915
Track (front/rear) 1628/1634
NCAP safety rating 4/5

5 speed Auto 
Overall height/width 1760/1910
Overall length/wheelbase 4785/2790
Track (front/rear) 1630/1640-1645
NCAP safety rating 5/5
Tyre size: 


Angle of: (degrees) 
Approach xx Departure xx Breakover xx
Ground clearance (unloaded) xxxmm
Water Fording depth xxmm Max

Angle of: (degrees)
Approach xx Departure xx Breakover xx
Ground clearance (unloaded) xxxmm
Water Fording depth xxmm Max



2012 $45,000 – 69,900 AUD 
2011 $45,000 – 65,900 AUD 

2012 $39,990 – 65,900 AUD 
2010 $40,990 – 65,900 AUD 
2009 $43,785 – 64,974 AUD