Ford Ranger
VS 2012_navara_1
Nissan Navara

Welcome to the 2013 Ford Ranger Vs the Nissan Navara review and comparison.  It’s been awhile since we looked at both cars so after a demo at AIMS 2012 we came up with the following updated review. The new Ford Ranger is arguably the best ute style SUV in the class at the moment and does make the older and even some newer models from Toyota, VW and Mitsubishi look very out of date.

It was quite clear to us that the new Ranger is a step forward in the Ute class.  Especially at AIMS where the major competitors where also present – in terms of the most obvious touch, feel and look. It is truly a credit to it’s Australian design team.

Ford Ranger Vs Nissan Navara D40 exterior: The Navara is a good looking car, well proportioned and shows that a decent design effort at the start means sales longevity. We like the Navara’s look which does not really show its age apart from being less chunky. The new Ranger is a good looking in a modern and tough way, it should age well and easy to update. We like it too but for different reasons. Both are rated equal in our eyes.

Ford Ranger Vs Nissan Navara D40 interior: Easy win to the Ranger. It’s a nicer, modern and higher quality place to sit and drive in. Even with parts from the Pathfinder the Navara shows it is only OK but it is older afterall. It also worth noting that when we sat in the Hilux immediately after the Ford it is quite clear that the world has move on and the Hilux too is looking quite dated.

Ford Ranger Vs Nissan Navara D40 engine and technology: Both utes use the latest engine technology especially in diesel form. The Navara can be purchased with the landmark 170 Kw 550Nm turbo diesel which is most powerful you can buy in this class. Admittedly there are well known problems with Nissan’s regular 2.5 litre diesel (which is good) where as the engine in the Ranger is too new to tell if there will be any problems at this stage (which is not so good).

We’ve looked at the Navara closely over the years and it is a pretty decent ute and value for money in its old age (does not apply to the top range 550 though) but the latest Ranger is even better in terms of presentation and specification in the main. Since we haven’t driven the Ranger over the longer term its hard to form an overall opinion. Needless to say that the Ranger does have greater appeal in the showroom and specifications. See more comparisons here!

Ford Ranger Nissan Navara
Duratorq IL5 (P5AT)
5 Cylinder Diesel
DOHC 20 Valve
Turbo-charged – Intercooler
3.2-liter (3198)
Claimed 147Kw @ 3000 RPM
Claimed 470Nm @ 1500 RPMDuratorq IL4 (P4AT)
4 Cylinder Diesel
DOHC 16 Valve
Turbo-charged – Intercooler
2.2-liter (2198cc)
Claimed 110Kw @ 3750 RPM
Claimed 375Nm @ 1500 RPMDuratec IL4 (DPAT)
4 Cylinder Petrol
2.5-liter Petrol (2489)
Claimed 122Kw @ 6000 RPM
Claimed 226Nm @ 4500 RPM
V6 Diesel
DOHC Turbo charged with intercooler
Direct injection
3.0 Litre (2993cc)
Claimed 170Kw @ 3750RPM
Claimed 550Nm @ 1750RPMYD25 (Modified May 2010)
IL4 DOHC Diesel
Turbo-charged – Intercooler
Direct Injection – Common Rail
2.5 Litre (2488cc)
Claimed 140Kw @ 4000 RPM (April 2012)
Claimed 450Nm @ 2000 RPM  (April 2012)
Claimed 126Kw @ 4000 RPM (May 2010)
Claimed 403Nm @ 2000 RPM  (May 2010)VQ40 (some countries)
V6 Petrol
4 Litre (3954cc)
Claimed 198Kw @ 5600 RPM
Claimed 385Nm @ 4000 RPM
FROM Approx 2100Kg
Towing capacity up to 3350kg
1940 – 2001Kg
Towing capacity up to 3000kg
Fuel capacity & consumption
Up to 80 litres
V6 Petrol 13.6-14 lts per 100km
YD25 Diesel 10.5 lts per 100km
V9X Diesel 9.3 lts per 100km
Up to 80 litres
YD25 IL4 Diesel 8.7 lts per 100km
V9X V6 Diesel 9.3 lts per 100km
Other specifications
5 speed or 7 speed Auto or 6 speed manual
Overall height/width 1795/1848
Overall length/Wheelbase 5296/3200
Tray L1511mm x W1485mm x D457mm
Total payload capability 820kg (Approx)
ANCAP safety rating 4/5
6 speed manual or 8 speed Auto
Overall height/width 1835/1954
Overall length/wheelbase 5254/3095
Tray L1555 x W1222-1620 x D508 mm
Total payload capability 1000kg?? (Approx)
NCAP safety rating ?/5
Angle of: (degrees)
Approach 29-32 Departure 22-27.5 Breakover 25
Minimum ground clearance 237mm
Water Fording depth 800
4WD system: Part time 4WD High & Low range
Angle of: (degrees)
Approach 28 Departure 23 Breakover N/A
Minimum ground clearance 429mm
Water Fording depth 500mm Max
All Wheel Drive or 2WD
0-100kph 11.1secs (TDI400)
2012 $34,990 – 52,990 AUD
*Always check with the dealer for up to date pricing and specials accessories etc…
2013 $23,990 – 63,990 AUD (4WD only)
2012 $43,990 – 62,990 AUD (4WD only)
2012 FROM $23,690 – AUD (2WD only)
*There are always specials of some sort so keep your eyes open for them.