Toyota LandCruiser Prado stereo upgrade – Part 3

This page is part of a series all about how to change the stereo system and speakers in the Toyota Prado.  Note: that the camera ran out of batteries during the install so I’ve only got a few pictures for now also note that if you don’t have the same stereo it doesn’t matter the overall concept is the same.

Note that the Sony will stick out a little more due to the standard screw holes provided on the Sony unit.  The letter ‘T’ on the case point to which hole you should use.  All modern stereo have this sort of guide.

There is plenty of space inside the center console  so if you want a flush finish you’ll have to drill some holes in the sub-frame.  Easy enough to do but you’ll need to unplug everything.

Here’s some instructions on how to install a new  stereo in the Prado. It will take at least one hour, even for the experienced just to safely remove the old stereo. Stereo installation notes:

Before starting have all the parts like adapters and wiring sorted.  Recommend harnesses like those from aerpro you’ll probably need two  different ones.  One to replace the Sony included and the other one to connect to the inbuilt Toyota wiring.  Eg. APP0141 and APP8SP wiring kit.  If you got another brand of stereo just ask for one that suits your particular brand or model.

In my case the APP8SP did not include the rear camera and hand brake leads etc.. which are required for Av stereos.  SO you’ll need to remove the various leads from the original Sony wiring loom and connect it up to the APP8SP.  Easy enough to do.  Most big automotive retail chains shock them but the easiest is to just to order them online!

The stereo is secured by 6 bolts to the sub-frame on the center console.  The screws are obscured by other wiring too.  You have to remove the entire center console to remove because the unit it pulled out from the BACK!

The central wiring loom or bus is on the lower left and needs to be disconnected via the large central screw.  remember to securely tighten the bus back otherwise it won’t work.

The whole center console can be removed but you’ll need to undo the air-con and temp control cable.  I didn’t do this because there was enough space but it would be been easier with the cables removed.

The silver trim on the let and right side of the center console are ease to remove without breaking.  Likewise the cigarette lighter and the ash tray can be remove as one unit.  They are secured tightly.  All clip back into place easily.

A – The socket for the AUX  extension lead that comes with the unit in one nice connection bus. Inputs for AUX 1, AUX 2, Rear Camera, Navigation.
B – In-built fan.
C – The socket for the Sony connection Bus.
D – The socket for any extension bus.
E – RCA outputs for amplifiers.
F – RCA outputs for addition screens and sound.
G – Microphone input for karaoke or perhaps voice control module?
H – The original stereo’s speaker connector.
I – The original stereo’s power, remote etc… connector.
J – The original stereo’s other inputs or outputs that I have no idea are for!

Finally make sure you test the installation to ensure that everything works including each speaker individually. My camera ran out of batteries during this part of the install so I haven’t posted an innards picture.  Of course I’ll post them if I take them out again!

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