Road racing drama

Fri 5 Mar 2010

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I was sent this story published by Time magazine about the growing street racing/stunt scene in Florida US.  Interesting read with a few surprising statistics.  Just under 10,000 motorcycle accidents in the state – wow!  TIME: Crotch Rockets

Honestly you can’t stop individuals in a free country from doing this sort of thing so why not make it at least safer?  Shock! Yes make the stadiums and tracks where these people can sign their lives away and at least injure themselves rather than endangering everyone else.  Remember that when you make things like this legal it loses appeal for most of these people.

Don’t they realize that laws won’t stop them only peer pressure to perform in an official sense?

Top heavy motorcycles don’t handle well.

Thu 29 Jan 2009

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I was chatting to an email friend recently new to motorcycles and he mentioned that top heavy motorcycles don’t handle well.

Now, I disagree based on logic and not physics.  After all a motorcycle rider sits on top of the motorcycle hence all motorcycles are top heavy.  Same with regular bicycles the rider sits on top hence top heavy.  So are my assumptions wrong?

Which bring up the question which I haven’t research yet – why do motorcycles lean to corner and not fall over –  after all a motocycle is top heavy!!!???

Late news – China Olympic Games 2008 2-24 August

Fri 12 Dec 2008

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I was cleaning up my computer and found some stuff I hadn’t posted.  This one is from the cycling events.  It’s quite ironic that the most technological advanced games they still used a petrol/gas powered bicycle to control the races.  You would expect electric power at the least to avoid the polluting the competitors.

Don’t know if all cycling events have this sort of ‘motorcycle’ to lead the competitors onto the track.

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